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Heating Services Offered

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Troubleshooting and Repair

Your heating system is the foundation of comfortable living, you rely on it to be there when you need it.  The sometimes harsh weather of the Berkshires can put your system through its paces. We are here to help you when something goes wrong.

From routine cleanings to performance upgrades to systems repair, our team of highly skilled service people are always on call to make sure you and your family stay warm.

We Service All Major Brands Including But NOT LIMITED to:

We proudly offer 24 hour emergency service!

New Systems Purchasing and Installation

Recent technological advances in the heating industry have made both natural gas and oil burning systems much more efficient than they used to be.  Some systems even burn so clean that they can even be direct vented saving you money on new installs.  Our service technicians are of the most experienced in the field and should something go wrong, our 24 hour emergency service will make sure you don't spend a night in the cold.

Installation services include:

  • Residential and Commercial Permitting
  • Needs based heating system design
  • Custom Ductwork
  • Removal and Disposal of Oil tanks.
  • Inspections (general and Post-Repair)
  • Free Estimates
  • 1 year warranty on all labor
  • Speedy service and thorough clean up.

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Business Hours
Monday 8am - 4pm
Tuesday 8am - 4pm
Wednesday 8am - 4pm
Thursday 8am - 4pm
Friday 8am - 4pm
"When I needed a new heating system, I called on WTPI Service to do the work. Not only did they quote me an excellent price, the work was done efficiently and every thing that need to be disposed of was done so immediately and properly. I am now cozy and comfortable in my home. I HIGHLY recommend WTPI for your heating and cooling service needs."
Beverly Dubiski - Pittsfield MA